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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My baby you...

Sendiri yang buat video ni...sendiri yang nangis bila tengok semula...

I'm so touched...

Bila tengok wajah keempat-empat anugerah cinta terindah kami...

Mama berusaha untuk berikan yang terbaik buat kalian...

Maafkan Mama andainya Mama selalu marah kalian, selalu buat kalian menangis bila permintaan tak tertunai, tapi...Mama harap kalian faham dan mengerti situasi...

As i look into your eyes 
I see all the reasons why 
My life's worth a thousand skies 
You're the simplest love I've known 
And the purest one I'll own 
Know you'll never be alone 

My baby 
You are the reason I could fly 
And 'cause of you 
I don't have to wonder why 
Baby you 
There's no more just getting by 
You're the reason I feel so alive 

Though these words I say are true 
They still fail to capture you 
As mere words can only do 

How do I explain that smile 
And how it turns my world around 
Keeping my feet on the ground 

I will soothe you if you fall 
I'll be right there if you call 
You're my greatest love of all 

Facebook Comment Source : Saya Khai, Jadi?

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